Most of our everyday life experiences are multisensory in nature; that is, they consist of what we see, hear, feel, taste, smell, and much more. Almost any experience you can think of, such as eating a meal or going to the cinema, involves a magnificent sensory world.

In recent years, many of these experiences have been increasingly transformed and capitalised on through advancements that adapt the world around us – through technology, products, and services – to suit our ever more computerised environment.

Multisensory Experiences: Where the senses meet technology looks at this trend and offers a comprehensive introduction to the dynamic world of multisensory experiences and design. It takes the reader from the fundamentals of multisensory experiences, through the relationship between the senses and technology, to finally what the future of those experiences may look like, and our responsibility in it.

This book empowers you to shape your own and other people’s experiences by considering the multisensory worlds that we live in through a journey that marries science and practice, and shows how we have taken advantage of the senses that shape our experiences through intelligent technological design. Book illustrations by Ticha Sethapakdi.


The book will be available in fall 2020

carlos velasco

Carlos is an Associate Professor at the Department of Marketing, BI Norwegian Business School, where he co-founded the Centre for Multisensory Marketing. He also holds a Research Fellowship at the SCHI Lab, Sussex University (UK). Carlos received his D.Phil. in Experimental Psychology from Oxford University. His work is at the intersection between Psychology, Marketing, and Human–Computer Interaction, and focuses on understanding, and capitalizing on, our multisensory experiences and their guiding principles. Carlos has worked with a number of companies from all around the world on multisensory experiences.​ 

marianna obrist

Marianna is Professor of Multisensory Experiences and Head of the Sussex Computer Human Interaction (SCHI ‘sky’) Lab at the University of Sussex, UK. She is also the research group leader of the Creative Technology Research Group at the School of Engineering and Informatics. Her research focus is on the study of touch, taste, and smell experiences for novel interface and interaction design. Before joining Sussex, Marianna was a Marie Curie Fellow at Newcastle University, UK, and prior to this an Assistant Professor at the University of Salzburg, Austria. She is co-founder of OWidgets Ltd, a University start-up that is enabling the design of novel smell experiences.

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